5 Apps to beat those mid-week blues

5 Apps to be those mid-week blues

While the first article in our 5 Apps series spoke at length on productivity, peace of mind et al, you need not be productive all the time. I believe to best perform at work, regular breaks are essential. But hey! Not those 1-hour breaks in the garb of a 15-minute break 😛 

I am talking about some breather in your daily work life that helps you re-orient, set your priorities and more importantly help you think creatively and work efficiently. I find this approach works the best for me since my mind opens to a world of possibilities via these apps.

Just like my last article, I have used and am currently using these apps and found them quite valuable. However, I would still recommend the discretion of the user whilst downloading or using these apps.

The first one on the list is Pigment.

Colours tend to brighten up our mood and colouring as an activity helps you calm down in an otherwise busy day. It almost is like meditation that enhances your concentration, relieves stress and helps you look at the entire picture in totality. Thereby, improving your complete attitude in myriad ways.

Pigment as an app is just that. An immensely nourishing-soul kind of an app coupled with thousands of colouring pages gives an experience akin to that of paper. It has a wide variety of colours and shades to choose from.

The paid version gives you additional options of watercolours, oil pastels and several other binge-worthy images to colour on.

2) What if…A Hilarious app to beat those blues high and dry and crack you up!

What if.. is a question game that demands an answer to a question. These questions are crazy, challenging and casual. Something like a poll on Facebook whereby you can see what others voted for. You can also see what other app users have voted for.

This app certainly cracks me up with questions like: 

What if the gods were real But, you weren’t?

What if you become twice as attractive But, half as smart?

Share this app with your friends and enjoy the fun!

3) Tap the Frog

One of the most loved and my all-time favourite boredom killing app.

Out of all the things I like about this app is The Frog is incredibly cute and has the right mix of colours and graphics. Full of bright visuals, this game comes across as a nice breather in an otherwise routine day. The game begins with the familiar green and blue coloured pond and takes you to space as one of the final levels. Super easy, engaging and entertaining, this one will bring a smile to your face!

4) How to make Origami

Money Heist certainly brought this art into the limelight. Origami is way more than folding papers as is thought. It requires immense patience and concentration and once done, gives you a strong sense of achievement. As you marvel at the figurines you’ve just created, it doesn’t remain a leisure activity only but becomes a healthy habit in an otherwise busy day.

How to make Origami is a great app, to be much appreciated for its simplicity. It gives you a step-by-step illustration in a 3D format so that you seldom go wrong. The illustrations are divided into different categories like animals, birds, flowers etc. It also has a rewind option in case you go wrong in any step.

5) Wordscapes

A word hunt game that helps you excel your vocabulary whilst playing a game.

I have never experienced a dull moment while playing this game. Challenging and intriguing, this game gets difficult with each level. Don’t get fooled by it’s easy to guess words in the initial levels!

With great visuals and over 6000 crossword puzzles, it keeps you on your toes such that you tend to lose track of time!

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